Be everything that you dream.

you can be anything
" I see it in the tears that fall from the eyes of the women; there lies within each of us, Wonder Woman. She is real. Wonder Woman helps bring out the inner strength every woman has.
We are all inclusive, that is who women are. We are stronger together. We are half the world. We have a voice. We are the mothers of all mankind... we are the mothers of all mankind
We can be smart and beautiful and strong and wise and kind and brave. We believe in fair play and fair pay and playing by the rules. 
We come in all shapes and sizes. We are mothers and sisters and daughters and grandmothers and great-grandmothers. We are black and brown and white and red and yellow. We are tall and short and thick and thin. We are blonds, brunettes, and gingers and salt and peppers.
So Wonder Woman lives. Do not doubt it. She lives in every woman.
You can be anything.
Learn, know, be everything that you dream.
Because unless you dream it.. unless you dream it, it can't be done.
You've got to dream it first. "

We stumbled upon this resumé of a United Nations speech from former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and we thought it was quite inspiring and worth of sharing it here with you :)

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